[Woman Karate master]  Mika Hamai

- 5th Dan of Kyokushin Karate, and a former member of the Japan National Team

- Bachelor Degree at the Faculty of Commerce,  Chuo University

- Certified childminder, approved by Shin Hoiku Gakkai



as the head of  Kyokushin Hamai Group, one of the worldwide Kyokushin groups after taking it over 5 years ago. 

over the Karate school in Tokyo, friendly to children and beginners, operating 3 Karate dojos in Nakano-sakaue, Yoyogi-uehara, and Yotsuya and teaching about 300 students.



Childhood: Started to learn karate at the Kyokushinkaikan Ishikawa headquarters.

2002: Appeared in the World International Karate Championship as a member of the Japan National Team. 

After graduating from Chuo university, went to China and engaged in establishment and operation

of the Dalian headquarters for about 4 years.

2011: Completed the 30-person Kumite sparring,and achieved the 3rd Dan.

2016: Launched her own Karate school, after working at Recruit (currently RLS) for 4 years.



Ikebana flower arrangement /Reading books /Traveling / Studying world history / Art appreciation / Speaking Chinese