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A Karate Dojo in the Heart of Tokyo - [Kyokushinkaikan Hatsudai Dojo]

[Woman karate master] Mika Hamai

Kyokushin Karate, 5th Dan, and a former member of the Japan National Team

Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University

Qualified as a certified childminder

(Approved by an NPO, Shin Hoiku Gakkai)


Mika presides as the head over the karate school which is friendly to children and beginners.

She operates four karate dojos in Hatsudai, Nakanosakaue, Nakanoshinbashi, and Yotsuya of Shibuya.

Currently these dojos have about 200 students.

[chief instructor] Takayuki Ishidoya

 Takayuki is the chief instructor for our karate school.

He has rich experience in instructing many karate athletes from beginners to Japan National Team members. His attentive and detailed instructions have won many admirers, men and women of all ages.

Not only is he familiar with martial arts and body building, but also as his hobby he regularly participates in marathon races and the SPARTAN RACE, the world highest obstacle race.  

We hold various events including Christmas parties, parties with children, and an exchange with adults to enjoy learning Karate.