Karate experience tour

for international school trip students

 What this tour features:

* Students can learn about the martial arts culture and history of Japan as part of school education.

* Each student can experience Kawara-wari (smashing roof tiles),

which contributes to raise their feelings of unity and achievement (a 1-cm thick wooden plate that is breakable by beginner will be used).

* Our instructor demonstrates karate "kata" form during the course. 

* The instructor is a former member of the Japan National Team, who appeared in the world karate championship, with the rich experience of teaching international students.

Plate breaking by students

Learn culture and history

Concentration through meditation

Karate kata form demonstration


traditional skills

[Woman karate master] Mika Hamai

-      Kyokushin Karate, 5th Dan, and a former member of the Japan National Team

-      Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University

-      Certified childminder, approved by an NPO, Shin Hoiku Gakkai


Mika presides as the head of Kyokushin Hamai Group, one of the worldwide Kyokushin groups after taking it over 5 years ago. She also presides over the karate school in Tokyo, friendly to children and beginners, operating 3 karate dojos in Nakano-sakaue, Yoyogi-uehara, and Yotsuya and teaching about 300 students.

[Promotional officerHiroshi KATO

-      Promotional officer of Japanese companies and culture

-      Graduated from the faculty of Literature, Waseda University


Hiroshi is the secretary general of Kyokushin Hamai Group, backing up Mika and other members for general affairs and global marketing. He also manages a translation company, Techno Pro Japan, Inc., and serves as secretary general of Glocal Solutions Japan, a global development organization in Japan, supporting the overseas promotion of Japanese companies and culture.


[Hours] Choose your preferred hours below:

30 min. / 1 hr. / 1.5 hrs. / 2 hrs.


[No. of participants] * A group of 30 students or more needs to be divided into separate sessions held at different time.

At least 10 up to 30



Bring your own drink, wearing comfortable clothing.

An English interpreter can be added as an option ( USD 55/ EUR50 per class)


[Fee] Choose your preferred course hours (tax is excluded below).

30 min.: USD 33/ EUR30 per student

1 hr.: USD 37 / EUR34 per student

1.5 hrs.&2 hrs.: USD 42  / EUR38  per student

(USD 37 EUR34 per student for more than 20 students)


[Cancellation policy] * Japan time

Cancellation after the 13th day prior to the time of the tour applied

from booking confirmation: 10% of the entire fee will be charged as cancellation fee.

Cancellation after the 14th day prior to the time of the tour applied: 30% of the entire fee will be charged

Cancellation after the 7th day prior to the time of the tour applied: 50% of the entire fee will be charged



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