95% of the students started to learn karate with no experience

A karate dojo that operated exclusively for working adults recent members

Physical and mental training

Regardless of age, we support those who try to become physically and mentally strong. Instead of focusing merely on the never-give-up spirit, our practice is reasonable and safe. Students learn basics first, while those who are interested join light sparring wearing protective gear.

Self reflection

In our modern society with excessive information, we have to cultivate decisiveness for making many decisions. What do I really need? With meditation without using any mobile devices or PCs, why don't you carve out time for your self reflection?

Enjoy life more than now

Having another stage in your life different from that of business can double your joy in life.

Many members have started learning karate as a new hobby after retirement. Never too late to start something new.

Legend Mas Oyama

Kyokushin karate became popular with a comic series called "Karate Baka Ichidai" (Karate for Life). Many people who used to want to practice karate but had no opportunity to do so or those who used to have a scary image in karate have started coming to our dojos to practice karate.

Features of Shinjuku dojo(Nakano-sakaue station)

1. 95% had no experience 

Beginners can practice at ease with our detailed instructions, which are given by our richly experienced instructors who can teach those who are beginners to those who are karate athletes reaching the national level in Japan. Our dojos are filled with an active and open atmosphere.

2. Work out happily 

Though necessary for body, some training menus are too tough to continue alone. But such menus can turn to fun when worked out together. You can enjoy karate practice continuously with our balanced course based on serious training and light training.

3. A clear goal to continue your training

Passing the grading session that is conducted once every four months changes your belt color.

The new color of your belt proves what you have achieved.

Wearing a new belt refreshes your mind.

Those who are interested can also take on more advanced challenges including participation to a match or a championship tournament. 


[Woman Karate master] Mika Hamai

-     5th Dan of Kyokushin Karate, and a former member of the Japan National Team

-     Bachelor Degree at the Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University

-     Certified childminder, approved by Shin Hoiku Gakkai



  • as the head of Kyokushin Hamai Group, one of the worldwide Kyokushin groups after taking it over 5 years ago. 

  • over the Karate school in Tokyo, friendly to children and beginners, operating 3 Karate dojos in Nakano-sakaue, Yoyogi-uehara, and Yotsuya and teaching about 300 students.


Childhood: Started to learn karate at the Kyokushinkaikan Ishikawa headquarters.

2002: Appeared in the World International Kyokushin Karate Championship as a member of the Japan National Team.

After graduating from Chuo university, went to China and engaged in establishment and operation of the Dalian headquarters for about 4 years.

2011: Completed the 30-person Kumite sparring, and achieved the 3rd Dan.

2016: Launched her own Karate school, after working at Recruit (currently RLS) for 4 years.




Ikebana flower arrangement / Reading books / Traveling / Studying world history / Art appreciation / Speaking Chinese

Shinjuku Dojo (Nakano-sakaue station)

2F, 2-29-13 Honmachi, Nakano-ku, Tokyo


[Train] Oedo Line / Marunouchi Line Nakano-sakaue Station 3 min walk

Course fee

Adult class


Tue 20:00-20:50/ Sun 14:15-15:05


Tue 20:00-21:30/ Sun 14:15-15:45


[Course fee] 

For adults

Beginners: JPY 6,600 (once per week)

Mid-level: JPY 11,000 (Unlimited)